Meat and poultry

Meat: India has the world's number of livestock and ranks first in the cattle population and comprises about 50% of the buffalo population and one-sixth of the total goat population of the world. Currently India exports about US $ 190 worth of meat products where Indian lean meat is the prime product. Only 1 % of the meat produced is converted to value added products - mainly pork is used for the processed foods.

Poultry: The growth and development of commercial poultry farming in India in the recent years has been spectacular. It has become one of India's largest food sectors. The poultry sector is growing rapidly at the rate of 27% per annum. Poultry birds are potential converters of feed into animal protein of high biological value.

The avian health is often getting threat from large number of dreadful pathogens but now food base vaccines have become a novel and effective way of vaccinating birds against number of harmful agents. There are poultry processing plants working in country which produce whole egg, yolk, albumen powder, frozen chickens and dressed parts.