Dairy and Milk products

India's successful operation flood program has put India on world dairy map. India is having a largest livestock population and has the most important constituent of milch cows and milch buffaloes. India has emerged today as the largest milk producer in the world with a production of 72 million tones. Dairy development in India has been acknowledged world over as the modern India's most successful development program

Of this, the share of the organized sector is less than 10% . Among the products manufactured by the organized sector are ghee, butter, cheese, ice creams, milk powder, malted milk food, condensed milk, infant food etc. Of these Ghee (clarified butter) alone accounts as much as casein, lactose, dairy whiteners, some other milk products.

Currently, consumption of liquid milk accounts for about 46% of the total production of milk. The remaining 54% is utilized for milk products. The processed milk food sector is expanding itself with new products like casein, lactose, dairy whiteners and different types of cheese. While world milk production declined by 2 per cent in the last three years, according to FAO estimates, Indian production increased by 4 per cent.