Dry Fruits

Dryfruits are the high calorie nuts, preferably used to garnish and add special flavor to the dishes. Though high in calorie, they are high in protein content also. A variety of them are found in India and form an important source of foreign exchange. They are mostly grown in hilly areas. Some of the best qualities are a part of Indian crop.

They are exported in various forms, ranging from whole to salty tastes, from hard shell form to kernel alone. Besides being exported, they form an important raw material for sweets and candy industries. Also they have great medicinal value and are used as an important ingredient of the oils and syrups. Some known dryfruits are almonds, cashew nuts, figs, etc.

Cashew nut is a unique combination of carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins and a right combination of amino acids, minerals and vitamins. The annual production accounts for 60-65% of the total world production. During 1997-98, the export of cashew nuts and it's products earned as much as 1.1% of the total Indian export earnings.