Sweets and Snacks

Sweets and snacks form an important part of food specially on festivals and other special occasions. Being very good in taste they make the meals tempting and palatable and can be viewed as a good option for in between meals. A large variety of sweets, deserts and snacks are available in India and abroad and form an important part of exports of the country.

Sweets and other snacks mostly contain lots of table sugar and fats and hence are considered to be “bad? foods. But, there’s ample room for them in a balanced diet, and they help make eating a pleasurable experience if eaten in restricted quantities.

However, consuming ample quantity of sweets and snacks can be a problem as they are too high in calories and hence can lead to obesity and other chronic heart diseases. Also sugary foods are usually very low in nutritional value; they provide very few vitamins and minerals. If you’re eating lots of sweets, instead of foods rich in nutrients, you may be getting too many calories and too few vitamins and minerals.