Kashmiri Food

Kashmiri food that we have today in the restaurants has evolved over the years. Highly influenced by the traditional food of the Kashmiri pundits, it has now taken some of the features of the cooking style adopted in Central Asia, Persia and Afghanistan. In the making of Kashmiri dishes, garlic and onion are not used as much as in the case of other Indian cuisines. Kashmiri food makes an extensive use of turmeric and yoghurt.

Traditional Kashmiri thali consists of Wazwan, which demands a lot of preparation. Infact, preparing Wazwan in itself is considered a great art. Substantial time and effort is spent in making this special feast. The cuisine of Wazwan encompasses about 36 dishes. Kashmir, being the leading producer and the chief exporter of saffron, makes an extensive use of it in the form of a colorful flavoring agent. For its amazing aroma, it is added to pulaos and sweets.