Continental Food

World is a small place and this is very clear from the way food migrates from one place to other. Today, we can view the globalization of food but this globalization dates back to earlier times when hunters and gatherers moved from one area to another in search of food. These migrants brought with them their culture, way of living and food. As these groups of people settled down, they influenced the locals, thus bringing about many changes in the way of living and eating habits.

Today, the western and specially the American food has become a synonym of the continental food as America has viewed maximum migrants. With travel comes the acquirement of new foods. Moreover, as foreigners come and settle down, they bring with them their culinary cuisine. To name few most of the soups and baked dishes fall in the category of continental food. One can't resist from calling puffs to be continental dish which are typically a western dish. The range of continental food is very vast and is expanding continuously.

Though a lot of changes and migrations have taken place in the food and food culture, but still the traditional cuisines and locally available produce affects the food of a particular area. This tradition, availability of produce and globalization of food results in emerging of new recipes each day. Even today, the tradition continues; food continues to travel in the hands of migrants and tourists, reaching to newer groups of people.